Hole in the Wall is fortunate to have had a lot of good press over the years. We think we offer a great dining experience, but you don’t have to take our word for it!

The Hole in the Wall is, bar none, the best restaurant that Saskatoon and area has.

I know that is saying a lot, but there is so much to be said for this place. The owner Nelson Urteaga and his family have created an oasis for food lovers in the middle of the Saskatchewan prairie.

2009 Value Awards Winner: A splurge that will have your taste buds buzzing.

— WestJet UP Magazine

Perhaps the best (and most often overlooked) restaurant in Saskatoon [is] the Hole in the Wall Restaurant, located at the Shields town site, near Blackstrap. It’s the most charming place you will ever lay eyes on, housed in a former Texaco gas station that’s been converted into an adobe-style restaurant.

An evening at Hole in the Wall is like stepping out of your life and into a place where the modern world disappears, to be replaced with simplicity of cuisine and atmosphere where love is stoked, or rekindled.

— Planet S Magazine, February 2009

Plenty of restaurants claim to serve sophisticated cuisine in a homey environment, but few bridge that yawning gap with as much aplomb as the Hole In The Wall.

— Foodservice and Hospitality, 1991